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Faqs & Stats

  • According to Toronto Police, 2018 statistics show vehicle thefts in Toronto are up 29 percent, up from 3,200 to 4,200.
  • Thefts were up two per cent nationally in 2017, and 15 per cent in Ontario, the hardest-hit province, with trucks and SUV thefts on the rise.
  • Tracking systems– only tracks the vehicle AFTER it has been stolen
  • Smart Key FOB System & Remote Starters– Criminals can clone the signals vey easily
  • Factory Installed Alarm Systems– not an effective deterrent. Who hasn’t heard and ignored an alarm?
  • A thief only needs an average of 43 seconds to hotwire a vehicle
  • Over 5 million installs worldwide
  • Over 100,000 plug combinations
  • Ravelco has a lifetime warranty, as long as you own the vehicle