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Tracking systems – The main issue with these systems are they are rather expensive (with some even requiring a monthly monitoring fee) and the fact that they only come into play after your vehicle has been stolen. In many cases by the time your vehicle has been reported stolen the thief has already stripped and dumped the vehicle. Another downfall to these devices are they are easily defeated by using a GPS scrambler (aka signal destroyer) thus blocking any signal to your vehicle and making it invisible. Note: These GPS scramblers can cost as little as $20!

Factory Transponders/Smart Key Systems – This anti theft system comes installed on almost every new vehicle. Embedded in the key is a miniature RFID chip containing one of a trillion possible electrical codes. However this system is also very easily bypassed, theives are now using laptops with recorded RF codes to bypass the system in just about 5 seconds. Not nearly as secure as your car salesman may make them out to be.

Remote Starters – Although these systems may be convienent they are everything but secure. They all can be hacked with either a laptop or scanner and give a thief complete access to your vehicle in seconds!

Brake Pedal Locks – These locks are designed to go between your brake pedal and your floor board to prevent the brake from working if stolen. Now This may sound like a good idea but all a thief has to do is dent in the floor board by hitting the side of the lock allowing it to be slipped out and removed.

The Club – A very well known anti theft device with a number of flaws. The club can be removed a few different ways, either by hack sawing threw the plastic steering wheel, spraying “freon” in the mechanical locking system allowing it to be shattered or by using a tool called the “club buster” which can break the club in under a minute! All of which are easily available to thieves.

Alarm Systems – These systems have been proven to be obsolete, there are too many problems and are totally ineffective in deterring auto theft. Not only do people ignore the sound of an alarm but thieves can purchase a laptop code grabber or scanner box online for only $100 which can unlock your doors and disable any alarm.

Remote Starter Kills – This device comes with a remote control and a special re-worked starter relay that replaces the factory starter relay in your vehicle’s power distribution box. The power distribution box is very easy to access directly under the hood of the vehicle, all you have to do is lift the cover of the box, pull out the relay, replace it with any factory relay (cost $2) and drive the vehicle off. Again, the remote control on this device can be scanned and bypassed with a scanner box in seconds.

Keypad System – These systems can be defeated in seconds as well by simply locating the “brain box” of the keypad (which usually is wire-tied or taped to the steering column under the dash) and then touching the two contacts with a jumper wire.